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OCON AUTOMATED SYSTEMS is an innovative engineering company, producer of high-tech in die welding aplications. We have developed and patented STANDARD WELDING UNITS for resistant welding nuts/bolts/screws during the stamping operation in any stamping die.

The system fits with minimum space (3 inch/75mm) in all PROGRESSIVE, TRANSFER or TANDEM dies and we are able to weld up to 60 STROKES/MINUTE.

You can SAVE all external welding operations using OCON in die welding systems without loosing production speed in the stamping operation.

Welding quality is garantized by using weld timers with 1000Hz inverters and weld data recorder, FLEXIBLE feeder and welding cabinet on WHEELS.

Any nut/bolt/screw that is currently on the market can be used in this aplication. No special and expensive elements are needed.

Increase competitivines by using STANDARD WELDING UNITS and get FULL ASSEMBLIES direct from the press.

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